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5 Quick Facts About Ticks & Lyme Disease

According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), Lyme disease is now spreading to areas that were once thought to be low-risk. The best way to combat this rapidly rising threat is to ensure your dog gets the Lyme vaccine and to keep your pets on reputable flea and tick prevention all year long. Here…

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Symptoms and Treatment for Your Pet’s Allergies

Did you know pet allergic reactions can be just as dangerous as human allergic reactions and can result in death? While most allergies will have minor symptoms, pet allergies can certainly escalate. If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, you know how irritating (in more ways than one) the symptoms can be. But we aren’t the…

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How To Prepare Your Pets for a Disaster

Scout says, “Emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s great to be prepared, and that includes having a plan for your pets!” Having a game plan in the case of a disaster is important no matter where you live, but in North Carolina we have seen many different types of natural disasters. From hurricanes, flooding,…

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How to Prevent Indoor Cat Stress

Cats who live indoors-only enjoy a variety of health benefits, including a reduced risk of contracting an infectious disease or parasites or suffering from a traumatic injury. But, they also can experience increased levels of stress and anxiety as a result of being denied some of the behaviors that come naturally to them, like hunting,…

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3 Way to Help Your Pet Like the Veterinarian

When it comes to our furry companions—who may not understand where they’re going, why they’re going there, and what’s going to happen when they get there—visiting the veterinarian can be downright scary. Taking steps to reduce your pet’s fear and anxiety related to visiting the veterinarian not only helps your pet, it also helps reduce…

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2 year anniversary

2 the Rescue: 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago WFMY News 2’s Ed Matthews started an honorable mission; to help adoptable pets find their forever homes. Since then, 1,906 animals have been adopted because of the “2 the Rescue” program! We’ve been the title sponsor for the “2 the Rescue” show since 2009 and are proud to be able to help…

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Heartworm Disease Facts

Heartworm Disease Facts

April is Heartworm Disease Awareness Month, and we want to share with you a few facts about heartworm disease.  What is heartworm disease?Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal infection caused by heartworms. Heartworms are a type of roundworm that live in the heart, lungs and surrounding blood vessels of affected animals. Although it can be…

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6 Ways to Prepare Pet for Baby

Now that you’re expecting a two-legged baby, your four-legged baby is in store for some serious life changes. Do your best to prepare fur baby for human baby by keeping the following six tips in mind: Train basic commands first — Before your baby arrives, spend time teaching your pet basic commands, like “sit,” “stay,” “leave…

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hand holding pills

10 Human Medications That Are Deadly To Your Pet

You were cleaning up your medicine cabinet or taking your morning medications before heading out for the day, but one of the bottles slips and busts open on the floor, spilling pills everywhere. Your pet, not knowing any better, rushes in hoping to snag some goodies from the floor that they think are treats of…

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The Ultimate List of Toxic Plants for Dogs

Having indoor plants can be beneficial for humans; they look nice, purify our air, and help us breathe easier. But some of these same plants have potential to be deadly for our canine counterparts. In some cases, only a single part of the plant is poisonous to dogs (e.g. roots, leaves, seeds, sprouts, etc) but…

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