Emergency Diagnostics in Greensboro: Cat and Dog X-Ray, Ultrasound, and Laboratory Testing

If you bring your pet to us for emergency care, you don’t just want immediate treatment--you want answers. To provide our clients and patients with the very best we can offer in emergency medicine, we delve deep using advanced diagnostics to understand our patients’ needs and administer proper care. This includes in-house lab testing, digital radiography, and ultrasound imaging, all of which can give us the information we need to develop a safe and appropriate treatment plan.

Melissa Looking At X Ray

Our In-House Lab Provides Faster Results

Our clinic is equipped with a fully-functioning in-house laboratory, with which we can run a variety of blood, urine, and fecal tests. Having an on-site lab means we can run tests and get the results we need in minutes rather than hours, and pursue treatment options just as quickly to ensure your pet is stable and on the road to recovery.

Digital Cat and Dog X-Ray

Another important tool we use is digital X-ray, which lets our emergency team visualize your pet’s bones and joints in sharp detail. Digital X-ray procedures take less time than traditional film X-rays and use significantly less radiation. We can use our equipment to detect broken bones, inflammation in the joints, and various heart and lung abnormalities.

Ultrasound Imaging

With ultrasound, we can go further to understand and evaluate your pet’s condition. Ultrasound uses sound waves to provide us with a real-time, moving visual of the internal organs and blood vessels. We can see the size, shape, and texture of the organs and detect problems that might not be visible in X-rays, such as cysts, tumors, fluid in the abdomen, and other issues.

Melissa Looking At X Ray