Meet Our Team

Our emergency staff are committed to being the people you can rely on to care for your pet when your regular vet is closed. Because we’re dedicated solely to handling emergencies, you can be assured that every member of our team is ready to assist you in any way you need, and make even the most stressful moments easier to handle.

Call us right away at (336) 288-2688 if you have any questions or concerns!

Veterinary Care Team


Veterinary Care Team

Monica is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), who truly understands the value of one on one patient care in emergency veterinary medicine. Monica is originally from Ohio and attended Stautzenberger College in Brecksville, OH, where she earned her associate’s degree in applied science. Monica relocated to North Carolina in 2014. She enjoys running, watching movies, reading, and spending time with her husband Brad and sons, Joey and Lincoln. Monica also enjoys hanging out with her dog.


Veterinary Care Team

Kirsten is another avid learner; having obtained her CAN license, becoming CPR certified and finishing her criminal justice degree. She has decided to go back to school and add registered veterinary technician to her resume. Kirsten is also quite the bird lover, owning 2 Indian Ringnecks, 2 Cockatiels and 1 Love Bird, she has rightfully earned the title. While her home has the avian members; Kirsten also shares the household with Max (a 5-year-old Husky), Toby (a 1-year old Pomeranian) and her loving husband. Outside of learning and working at the clinic, Kirsten occasionally makes time to drive to Raleigh/ Charlotte to get some top-notch sushi!   


Veterinary Care Team

Amilia is enrolled in pre vet studies at the University of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (NCA&T) and she plans to specialize in Animal Behavior. She has been a Certified Veterinary Assistant since 2018. Amilia likes to go hiking and play the clarinet in her spare time. She currently lives with her mother, father and grandmother and four dogs, a cat, a goat and a horse. Amilia enjoys playing with her Aussie, named Blue Bell. A unique fact about Amilia is that she frequently gets the hiccups. 

Danielle G.

Veterinary Care Team

Danielle is addicted to emergency veterinary medicine (pretty much all of it), but her particular interests include critical care, surgery, and pharmacology/ pharmacokinetics. Danielle has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Guilford College w/ an interest in Forensic Science. She enjoys kayaking, gardening, reading and watching crime documentaries. Danielle shares her home with a Pitbull/ Boxer mix named Gatsby, who loves to stare into her eyes, cuddle and play frisbee, a calico cat named Elusive who loves to take scenic walks around the garden and lap naps, and a tabby cat named Jewel who likes watching Danielle clean up her messes with an evil grin. A fun fact about Danielle is that she considers herself to be the ultimate extroverted introvert. 


Veterinary Care Team

Crystal’s primary veterinary interests are client communication and critical care. Crystal attended Western Carolina University, where she studied Biology and earned her Nutrition and Exercise Specialist Certification. She is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technology program and is an active member of their online vet tech support group, helping fellow students and alumni. Crystal also runs a local food and exercise group through Wake Forest Baptist Health. She enjoys reading and attending native american pow wows and events, and classic car shows. Crystal lives with her Golden Retriever named Ruger and a kitten named Remington; both enjoy their own private snuggle time with her and her husband, Ian. Ian and Crystal were high school sweethearts and now have three boys, twins named Andrew and Ivan and another son named Harrison. She is a proud member of the Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe (the third largest in North Carolina). A fun fact about her is that she is a huge fan of the TV show ‘The Golden Girls,’ and collects show memorabilia and trivia games.    


Veterinary Care Team

Amy loves working on anesthetic cases and dental procedures, and she gives the best post anesthesia snuggles to her patients. Amy has an associate’s degree in science from GTCC and is currently attending Grand Canyon University. She spends her down time playing golf, hanging out with her pets and watching movies. Amy has a siamese mix named Milo who enjoys taking naps with her and Fina, a bichon mix who likes to go on hiking adventures with her. A fun fact about Amy is that she plays the clarinet, viola and the piano! 


Veterinary Care Team

Kemper is a huge nerd when it comes to proper restraint techniques. He believes that being able to safely, comfortably and properly hold a patient for a procedure is one of the most important things that we do. Kemper is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and is currently taking undergraduate courses at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. He is a member of the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students at NCA&T and serves as Coordinator for the Pre-Professional Scholars Program at NCA&T. In his spare time, Kemper likes to practice Krav Maga,  go mountain biking, trail running, play guitar and read. He enjoys hanging out on the couch with his cute little mutt named Black Bear. A fun fact about him is that he started his career in veterinary medicine working on an alpaca farm. 


Veterinary Care Team

Kelsey’s interests are analgesia, behavior and training. She enjoys being outdoors, cooking, playing fantasy games and belongs to a local book club. Kelsey has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Guilford College. She is the eldest of two sisters and her parents live locally in the Greensboro area. Her Australian Cattle Dog mix named Spock loves chasing wildlife, eviscerating his stuffed toys and lounging on the couch. A fun fact about Kelsey is that she was a pianist for nearly two decades. 


Veterinary Care Team

Sarah enjoys working with our exotic and wildlife patients, especially reptiles. Outside of work, she enjoys painting, exercising, hiking and diving into the topics that interest her most. Sarah is a Certified Veterinary Assistant and her goal is to become a Registered Veterinary Technician, after this she plans to attend NC State University. Sarah has two pets, Pup-Pup and Josse, and their favorite things to do are nap and go fishing with her. A fun fact about Sarah is that her favorite sport is Powerlifting and she plans on competing when the time comes. 


Veterinary Care Team

Amanda enjoys learning more about surgical cases and is interested in anesthetic techniques. She holds a certificate in Veterinary Radiation Technology & Safety, which she earned while attending Portland Community College.  She enjoys horseback riding, hiking, boating and swimming. Amanda is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and belongs to her church’s Young Single Adults Group. Amanda comes from a large family and has six siblings. They share their home with two dogs, an aussie named Stella who runs alongside her when she’s riding their 4 wheeler and a german shepherd named Sophie. Amanda also has two cats named Lillie, who visits with anyone who comes to their house and Chloe, who enjoys playing with their dogs. Amanda also has two Nigerian dwarf goats named Bella and Binx and an Arabian quarter horse named Princess, that Amanda enjoys riding in the evenings. 

Eric E.

Veterinary Care Team

Eric is passionate about our poodle patients, especially the tiny ones. In fact, he shares his home with a toy poodle named Rebecca, along with a cat named Dante and a pomeranian named Grace. Eric attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has a bachelor’s degree in Biology. A fun fact about Eric is that he used to be a high school science educator. His teaching skills really shine through when he’s teaching and training other staff members. 

Olivia T.

Veterinary Care Team

Olivia enjoys working in the ICU at HTVEC. She loves caring for our most critical patients and has a passion for emergency medicine. Olivia keeps a watchful eye on hospitalized patients for subtle changes in status that could indicate that a change to their treatment plan is needed. She understands that early intervention greatly impacts successful patient outcomes. Olivia takes pride in being a lifeline for clients during stressful and unforeseen times, ensuring that she advocates for their needs as well as their pet’s needs. She educates clients on how to best prevent future ER visits. Outside of work, Olivia enjoys hiking, swimming and horseback riding. She also knows her stuff around horses and is active in both the rodeo and barrel racing circuits. She graduated from NC A&T with her bachelors in laboratory animal science and a minor in animal science. Olivia is a member of the association of pre-vet students at NC A&T as well; she will be applying for veterinary school in the near future. She shares her home with four horses named Spirit, Jack, Salem and Ebony and a German Shepherd named Tebow.

Shannon H.

Veterinary Care Team

Shannon is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), whose interests include Fear Free and Low Stress handling techniques, abscess care and surgery. Shannon attended Central Carolina Community College, where she earned her associate’s degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. She enjoys bird watching, reading, gardening and hiking with her boyfriend and her dogs. Shannon shares her home with three rats named Klaus, Steve and Roger, and seven kitties named Roo, Binx, Charlie, Butters, Lilly, Ernie and Indy. She also has two Pitbull mixes named Princess Leia and Yoshi and a terrier mix named Madeye, who all love to go on walks and run around with the zoomies. She is also a loving Aunt to two nephews. Some fun facts about Shannon are that she has traveled to and volunteered in Namibia, South Africa, has been skydiving (and loved it) and has had 10 different hair color combinations. 


Veterinary Care Team

Hanna is currently working towards becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). She has a special interest in patient imaging and always seeks to learn more about radiography and ultrasound techniques. Hanna has a Boxer named Bandit who loves to go for a swim with her in the lake. She plays slow pitch softball on weekends, enjoys hiking and spending time with her family. Hanna also enjoys traveling; her favorite place that she’s ever visited was Hawaii.


Veterinary Care Team

Victoria believes that good care doesn’t end when life does. She strives to provide gentle and compassionate care to patients in transition and owners seeking euthanasia services. Victoria knows that the aftercare we provide is an integral part of emergency services. She has a BSBA in Marketing from Western Carolina University and took 19 credit hours of upper level math course (almost enough for a minor). Victoria enjoys creating digital art on her iPad, painting her nails and taking cozy naps. She shares her home with her fiance and four dogs. Her border collie Athena loves to run and dance with shadows. Her lab/ basset hound mix Blade loves to lay in the sun and be left alone. Victoria’s miniature dachshund Coco loves to cuddle, play and bother Blade. Her miniature dachshund Moka loves to sleep and eat (but mostly sleep).  


Veterinary Care Team

Jacob is enrolled in the veterinary technology program with Penn Foster and hopes to become an RVT in the future. He has a special interest in patient imaging and is fascinated by the use of radiographic images as a diagnostic tool. Jacob studied Math at Pfeiffer University. Jacob has served as Safety Officer in clinic before. He shares his home with his wife Lucky, his three kids, a bunny named Tina, a bearded dragon and “too many cats to count.” In his spare time, he enjoys building PCs and playing PC games. In a lot of ways Jacob is like a kid at heart, he brings a lot of levity to our practice- he even has a baby tooth left to prove it.


Veterinary Care Team

Jasmine enjoys practicing her phlebotomy skills, processing laboratory samples and client education. Jasmine has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology from Western Carolina University. Jasmine will be pursuing her masters in Wildlife Conservation and Management in the upcoming year. Outside of work, Jasmine enjoys painting, drawing, reading, attending concerts and participating in all kinds of outdoor activities. She shares her home with a Chihuahua named Babie, who loves to lay in bed and nap with her. A fun fact about Jasmine is that her mother didn’t make it to the hospital when she was in labor with her and Jasmine was born on the side of the road in the state of North Dakota.


Veterinary Care Team

Taay finds shock cases and their presentation to be quite interesting and she takes pride in providing care to compromised patients. Taay is a senior at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (NCA&T), where she is enrolled in the Animal Science program and is a proud member of the veterinary club. Taay has even been recognized with the Biology 4.0 GPA Award. Her ‘morkie,’ Miss Royal loves to be groomed and play with balls, but she loves her treats most of all. Taay also has a winter white hamster named Dakota who loves his wheel and his carrots. When not at work, Taay enjoys doing nails and lashes, and spending time with her babies and family.

Customer Service Team

Jessica V.

Customer Service Specialist

Despite working at our front desk, Jessica is fascinated by veterinary surgery. Jessica has a background in both human and animal medicine and is a certified phlebotomist and certified medical assistant. Jessica also has a psychology degree from William Paterson. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys ading, crafting, movies and game night with her family. Jessica shares her home with her husband Tom and 12 year old Tyler and 6 year old Madison. She also lives with her lab/ border collie mix Cassie who is always full of energy, a domestic longhair cat named Stripe, another domestic longhair cat named Agatha, a senior domestic longhair cat named Cleo and a bearded dragon named Izzy. 

Elizabeth T.

Customer Service Specialist

Elizabeth loves helping our clients feel seen, heard and respected. She commits herself to growing in the field by reading over patient charts, attending CE and learning new diagnoses and medical terminology. Elizabeth lives with her husband Derrick and two children, Kaia and Kane. She also shares her home with a westie/ hound mix named Debbie, who loves car rides and squeaky toys and two cats named Penny, who prefers food and her daughter and Yuki, who only wants attention on her terms. Elizabeth is an avid reader and also enjoys knitting and watching scary movies. A fun fact about Elizabeth is that her kids know never to drink her last Dr. Pepper and she never says ‘no’ to chocolate (of any kind)! 

Nanette C.

Customer Service Specialist

Bio coming soon!

Faith H.

Customer Service Specialist

Faith is most interested in patient diagnostics and internal medicine, and is a Fear Free Certified Professional. Faith is currently working towards obtaining her degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and is a member of two high honor societies. She enjoys reading, hiking, writing and watching TV. Faith’s spunky dogs keep her busy. She has three Beagles, Autumn, who loves cuddles and sleep (and hates going outside), Marty, who is always chewing on things, Happy, who is passionate about stalking squirrels, and a Jack Russel/ Pug mix, named Chomper who protects the home by parking at anyone who walks by. 

Angie C.

Customer Service Specialist

Angie enjoys being there for owners who may be anxious about their pet needing to stay overnight, be hospitalized or receive emergency care. She always goes the extra mile to reassure them that their pet is in good hands and how important they are to us. Angie puts lots of love into the sympathy and thank you cards that she sends out on behalf of the practice, writing personal and meaningful messages. She wants our clients to know that we are there for them in their time of grief and that they and their pet’s lives matter. Outside of work, Angie enjoys drawing, reading, gardening and spending time with her family. She shares her home with her husband and three children- they stay busy homeschooling and keeping up with them. They share their home with two cats, Chester, who loves to lay across anything you are doing (computer, book, etc), and Eloise, who loves to eat and watch you eat. 


Customer Service Specialist

Classie enjoys client education and community outreach. As a front office member of the veterinary team, Classie is passionate about teaching less informed pet owners how to prevent pet accidents and illnesses. Classie is also interested in Fear Free medicine and patient care techniques. Classie’s hobbies include spoiling her cats, collecting Crocs (and charms), coloring and collecting stickers. She shares her home with a norwegian forest cat/ tabby mix named Catch and an orange tabby named Geronimo. A fun fact about Classie is that she now owns 10 pairs of Crocs and is on the hunt for a houndstooth patterned pair.

Administrative Team


Business Development and Personnel Management

Rebecca May is our Business Development and Personnel Manager. She has an undergraduate certificate in Veterinary Practice Management from Penn Foster and is currently studying Business Administration while preparing to take the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) national exam. Rebecca is a Cub Scout Leader and serves as STEM Coordinator for the Old North State Council. She is a member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, the Triad Hospital Managers Group and the Veterinary Managers Group of the Carolinas. Rebecca is also a member of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics, the Human-Animal Bond Association and is a Fear Free Elite Certified Professional. Rebecca has written content for CattleDog Publishing, Uncharted Veterinary Conference, and Aspire Vet. Her interests are marketing, emergency medicine, leadership, Fear Free and low stress handling techniques, and canine and feline enrichment. Rebecca lives in Guilford County with her husband Brandon, sons Jake and Grant, and her dog Beans who has never turned down a snack of any kind, is passionate about kongs, puzzles, has never met a ball he didn’t like and serves as a blood donor at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. In her spare time she loves to network and attend veterinary conferences, take quick trips to North Carolina mountains and beaches, flies kites and pans for rocks with her boys, and goes on hikes with her dog. She curls up with a good book every night. 


Financial and Administrative Manager

Shoneka is our Financial and Administrative Manager. She finds animal behavior to be fascinating but cute puppies also never fail to capture her attention. When not at work, Shoneka enjoys playing Volleyball and singing with her family. Shoneka holds a bachelor of science degree from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. She shares her home with her husband and two boys. 


Owner/Clinic Director

Bio coming soon!

Heaven W.

Inventory and Administrative Coordinator

Heaven enjoys learning about animal anatomy, Fear Free and Low Stress Handling techniques. She is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technology program. Heaven enjoys attending church, swimming, hiking and playing with her kids. Heaven lives with her husband, three boys and a german shepherd named Moto who loves to play fetch and a cat named Tiger who wants all her love, all the time. A fun fact about Heaven is that she is a triplet.