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This Freshwater Algae Can Kill Your Dog

North Carolina summers are hot, especially this year, and there’s nothing more fun than to head to the lake to cool off on the water.But many pet parents have experienced one of the worst moments of their lives after taking their dog to the...

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Pig Ear Treats Recalled

You may have heard in the news or social media that pig ear treats commonly sold in pet stores are linked to outbreaks of Salmonella. We’re here to give you all the facts and the next steps you should take if you have these treats in your home.According to...

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5 Common 4th of July Pet Hazards

We are so excited for all of the Fourth of July traditions. Backyard barbecues, pool parties, fireworks, and celebrations galore make this day so festive. While we're busy celebrating, our pets may be in danger. Check out the most common Fourth of July...

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Summer Safety Tips for Cats

Summer is for the dogs, right? Wrong! Just because they get to go on beach trips to play in the ocean or hike a trail to the lake doesn’t mean cats don’t want to have some summer fun too.While you and your feline friend enjoy your summer whichever way you...

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4 Household Toxins To Keep Your Pets Away From

When your pet ingests something they should not eat, we'll be there for you. Many of the substances and objects that tempt your pet can have disastrous effects on their insides. We can provide the correct form of poison control to neutralize or remove a...

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Top Tips to Help Your Pet Beat the Summer Heat

Summer can be fun for the whole family, but temperatures are soaring higher than ever and it’s important to take certain measures to keep your pets safe.Keep these tips in mind when your pets go outside for some summertime activities!1. Beware of Hot...

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5 Quick Facts About Ticks & Lyme Disease

According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), Lyme disease is now spreading to areas that were once thought to be low-risk.The best way to combat this rapidly rising threat is to ensure your dog gets the Lyme vaccine and to keep your pets on reputable...

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Symptoms and Treatment for Your Pet’s Allergies

Did you know pet allergic reactions can be just as dangerous as human allergic reactions and can result in death? While most allergies will have minor symptoms, pet allergies can certainly escalate. If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, you know how...

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How To Prepare Your Pets for a Disaster

Scout says, “Emergencies can happen at any time, so it's great to be prepared, and that includes having a plan for your pets!”Having a game plan in the case of a disaster is important no matter where you live, but in North Carolina we have seen many...

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