New Clients

We hope you won’t need our services, but if you do, it’s a privilege for us to help you and your pet through a difficult situation. Our goal is to get dogs and cats the care they need, while also providing comfort and peace of mind to their worried families.

Our emergency hospital is equipped with the latest technology available, allowing our team to more efficiently diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries--and get pets on the road to recovery.

Dr Allgood And Melissa With Patient Boone Spangler
Patient Violet

What to Expect

  • If possible, be sure to bring a copy of your pet’s medical records* (these can also be on your phone, if you use an app), and any medications they are currently taking
  • A member of our team will ask you questions about your pet’s health and medical history to help inform our treatment plan
  • If your pet has a condition requiring the care of a specialist with advanced capabilities in neurology, ophthalmology, or internal medicine, we may refer you to them so your pet can get the best care possible

*Our hospital operates independently from daytime vet clinics in the area, so we are not able to access any medical records they have on file.