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Dog With Rose

Valentine’s Day Pet Hazards

Sweets for your sweet, flowers for your love, that special gift wrapping, and romantic candles to set the mood could spell disaster for your pet. Each year, on Valentine’s Day, emergency veterinarians provide care to cats and dogs who have eaten the flowers or candy that were gifts for their owners. Below are tips for…

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Veterinarian Examining Little Husky Puppy

Top Five Preventable Veterinary ER Visits

#1: Vomiting & Diarrhea On average, vomiting and diarrhea cases account for about 25% of ER visits across the nation. While some causes for GI upset such as kidney disease, are not preventable, many of them are. The top underlying cause for vomiting and diarrhea symptoms in ER patients is foreign body ingestion- when a…

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10 Essential Oils That Are Dangerous To Your Cat

Essential oils have become very popular in the last few years and the benefits for humans help keep that popularity. With many different tinctures for anxiety, relaxation, energy, and more there’s no wonder why so many people like to add them as a supplement to their daily life. However, these oils that can provide positive…

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COVID-19 Protocols

As of Friday March 20th, 2020 our hospital will be doing curbside patient admission and discharge only. We want to protect you and our team the best that we possibly can during this time. What happens if you need to come in: Call ahead to let us know what’s going on and that you’re bringing…

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5 Tips For Keeping Indoor Cats Happy (ft. Princess Halo)

There are many reasons why indoor cats live longer and are generally healthier. But a lot of well-meaning pet parents are worried about keeping their cat from enjoying time outside to explore or even hunt. We’ve got five happy cat secrets that we’d love to share with you featuring our very own indoor kitty, Princess…

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Dog by lake

Pet Diet and GI Issues: What You Need To Know

Dallas is a healthy, young labrador who enjoys his life with his human parents and one other dog. Seeing that Dallas had some tartar buildup on his teeth, his mom went to the pet store and bought a bag of Blue Buffalo dental treats to help with the issue. She brought them home and gave…

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Vet Approved Stocking Stuffers For Your Pet

Holiday shopping for your pets has never been harder with so many different options out there now. You’ve got chews, interactive toys, plush pals, treats, and indestructibles. So how can you be sure which ones are the safest for your pet? Our vet approved list of stocking stuffers will help guide you through holiday shopping…

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Things To Do Before Pet Owners Leave Town

5 Things To Do Before Pet Owners Leave Town

Travelling for the holidays can be a bit stressful for more than just you, your pets are affected by it too. We know that you already have a hundred other things to plan and think about, so we’ve made a quick list of the five most important things to do before you leave town. 1)…

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Trick or Treat? 5 Surprising Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Pet

Sharing morsels of food while you’re cooking dinner or giving your pet a few leftovers after a meal is as normal as giving them a snack from the treat jar. Sorry to burst your bubble, but what if we told you that a lot of human foods are bad for your beloved companion? Even if…

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Cat Sniffing Plant

Happy Tails’ List of Pet-Safe House Plants

House plants are a great way to liven up your indoor space and improve the air quality in your home. But choosing which type of plants to keep can cause some anxiety when you’re not sure which ones are toxic to your pets and which ones are safe! You can check out The Ultimate List of…

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