Seasonal Pet Allergies

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As the weather heats up, many families are spending more time outdoors. You may have noticed your pet scratching, rubbing its head against things or licking/ biting at their paws. Allergy symptoms among dogs and cats can be seasonal in nature and we typically see uptick in skin and ear infections in the Spring.

Why is This?

The most common pet allergies are insect related (usually fleas/ ticks/ bees), environmental (trees, grass, pollen) or are food related. If your pet has symptoms all year long, and also has gastrointestinal issues, food could be the cause. But, if your pet suffers most during the change of seasons, particularly during Spring and Fall, your pet likely has environmental allergies or may have flea allergy dermatitis.

Why is it Important to Address My Pet’s Itchiness?

A secondary infection can develop, when biting and licking is severe or prolonged enough to damage the skin. If your dog is constantly scratching or licking or biting his paws, he should be evaluated by a veterinarian. These infections can be quite painful and require treatment with oral or injectable medications (antibiotics or antifungals), for symptoms to resolve. Once the infection has been treated, then the underlying allergy can be addressed.

When Should You Seek Emergency Care for Your Pet’s Allergies?

Some allergic reactions can be just as dangerous as human allergic reactions and can result in death. The most severe allergic reactions are caused by insect bites, vaccines, and misused/ low-quality topical flea/tick medications. These severe allergic reactions can cause anaphylactic shock. In most cases, the pet’s airway begins swelling shut and difficulty breathing begins. In other instances, a pet may have neurologic symptoms or have seizures in response to the allergic reaction. In either case, seek immediate care at your pet’s emergency veterinarian.

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At Happy Tails Veterinary Clinic, we help pet owners take care of their pets during the allergy season. If you suspect that your pet has severe allergy symptoms, bring them to your emergency veterinarian in Greensboro to get them checked out. Call us today!

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