Vet Approved Stocking Stuffers For Your Pet

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Holiday shopping for your pets has never been harder with so many different options out there now. You’ve got chews, interactive toys, plush pals, treats, and indestructibles. So how can you be sure which ones are the safest for your pet?

Our vet approved list of stocking stuffers will help guide you through holiday shopping for your beloved companion!

1) Chew Toys

Many types of traditional chews, like animal bones, hooves, ears, antlers, and sticks are not 100% safe for your dog.Choosing a safe chew toy is as easy as these following steps:

  • Press your thumbnail into the chew and if it doesn’t “give” a little then it’s too hard for your dog to gnaw on!
  • Also ensure that it isn’t so soft that your dog can tear it apart and swallow pieces of it
  • Be wary of anything with a special flavored coating that could upset your dog’s digestive system (like pig ears)

Our veterinarian’s choice of chew brands:

  • Kong
  • West Paw
  • Virbac dental chews

2) Fabric Toys

If your pet loves to play a bit more on the gentler side then we have an easy guide to picking the perfect stocking stuffer for them!

  • Consider the size of the toy and the size of your pet when choosing something for them to play with. Toys that are too small can be accidentally swallowed and cause a trip to the ER
  • If your pup likes to de-stuff and decorate your living room with stuffing then go with a stuffingless toy. Just be sure to keep an eye on their chewing habits and remove any squeakers once there’s a hole
  • Rope toys are great but only when both ends are knotted. You don’t want a rope toy with loose strings that can be swallowed and potentially cause a blockage

3) New ID Tags

It’s never a bad idea to update your pet’s emergency contact information. These days there are countless shops online that can create a one of a kind tag for your best friend! Make sure to include your phone number and any pertinent information like if your pet has a medical condition. You can also include a short blurb about your pet having a microchip so that anyone who finds them will go have them scanned at a local vet or shelter!

4) Laser Light Toys

You can never go wrong with a laser toy for your cat (or dog). They are relatively inexpensive and provide hours of fun for you and your pet. Some brands even have different shapes or holiday themes for the laser which makes it that much more fun!

5) Treats

When it comes to giving your pet treats for the holidays keep these few tips in mind.

  • DO NOT give any human food. Our food is usually high in fat, which can cause pancreatitis, but there are also a lot of toxic ingredients than can really be cause for an emergency
  • Be careful when picking out new treats as sudden changes in your pet’s diet can cause digestive upset
  • When in doubt stick with your pet’s dog or cat food brand. They will most likely have their own line of treats that are far less likely to cause any digestive issues if your pet is already accustomed to them

We hope these holiday gift ideas help when you’re out shopping for your furry friend! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

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