5 Tips For Keeping Indoor Cats Happy (ft. Princess Halo)

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There are many reasons why indoor cats live longer and are generally healthier. But a lot of well-meaning pet parents are worried about keeping their cat from enjoying time outside to explore or even hunt.

We’ve got five happy cat secrets that we’d love to share with you featuring our very own indoor kitty, Princess Halo!

Fun in the Sun

You’d be surprised at how easily a good sunny spot in the house will keep your cat happy. Keep the blinds open or pulled up in a room where the sunlight hits directly and watch as your feline friend makes their way to a nice cat-nap in the sunny patch. Attachable window perches are also a great idea for a seat right next to the window where they get some warmth and a nice view!

Toys and Games

Your cat can practice hunting skills and really dig into their predatory instinct when you use the right toys to play with them. Feather and ribbon teasers are great for exercise as well as mental stimulation. Small plush toys that sometimes crinkle or have catnip inside are also a great way for them to get energy out. There are also interactive toys and games for cats for when you aren’t home, like scratchers, electronic toys, or teasers that can be attached to door handles.

Go Up a Level

Cats love to have a high vantage point where they can see everything in the area. It helps them feel secure and gives them a safe place to retreat to if needed. You can find many ready to install cat shelves or cat trees online or in pet stores. Never DIY cat shelves without following proper instructions; if they aren’t secured appropriately and fall off the wall your cat could be seriously injured.

Video Enrichment

Another way to keep your cat entertained when you aren’t home is to find pet specific channels on TV for them to watch. There are quite a few videos on Youtube that are 8+ hours long with shots of squirrels, birds, and fish to keep your cat’s attention. Some cable TV channels are also available but may be an additional cost.

Outdoor Space

If you’re really serious about expanding your cat’s domain and giving them a taste of the outdoors you can look into building a catio off of your house! These are usually connected to a small opening in the side of your home and lead out into a securely enclosed area where your cat can explore in a whole new way. If you want a less extreme route, a screened porch is a great option for some fresh air. Always keep a close eye on your cat if they’re in a screened area to ensure that they don’t accidentally escape through a hole or cause damage to the screen.

Indoor cats require special play and enrichment to keep them happy and we hope that this article helped give you some ideas on how to do that.

If you’re ever concerned about unusual cat behaviors such as urinating outside of the litter box, lethargy, inappetence, or abnormal behavior please give us a call so that we can give you the best advice for your situation.

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