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Caring for a pet requires consideration for emergency situations that may arise. When you have a dog or cat, it is possible for a pet to swallow poisonous plants, chemicals or food items. They may also face injuries from snake bites or similar venomous animals. By taking your pet to a Greensboro after hours emergency vet to address the situation, you prevent complex health concerns.


The signs of poisoning in Kernersville and Greensboro ultimately depends on your pet; however, certain signs occur in most mammals and pets when they swallow a chemical, food item or plant that is poisonous to their health. Minor signs range from general lethargy and weakness to vomiting and diarrhea. You may need to seek treatment when a pet continuously vomits or has diarrhea.

Severe signs of poisoning include:

  • Agitation

  • Tremors

  • Seizures

  • Severe lethargy

  • Twitching

  • Coma

  • Death

Always seek immediate attention from a Greensboro after hours emergency vet if you notice any signs of poisoning or odd behavior in your pet. It may stem from a food item, a plant or even bites from a poisonous animal.


Snake bites or similar animal bites are a concern for any pet owner. By understanding your first aid options, you have time to seek emergency attention for your pet. The first consideration is identifying the type of snake or animal. Note the coloration, size, and pattern of the snake. Pay attention to whether the snake has a rattle or not on their tail.

Use a bandage on your pet and tie it tightly around the limb or bitten area of the body. Constriction helps reduce the spread of venom and allows you to seek treatment. Go to a veterinarian immediately for treatment and an anti-venom.


Seeking treatment from an emergency veterinarian Greensboro professional allows you to address the symptoms that arise when a pet shows signs of poisoning or has a clear bite from a venomous animal. Do not wait for treatment, since certain poisons and venoms may cause severe injuries or death without proper treatment.

Immediate attention allows your pet to recover and limits the risk of severe interactions or complications. At the Happy Tails Emergency Veterinary Clinic, we have professionals available when you need assistance for your pet. Our after hours treatments allow your pet to recover without taking risks and gives you the opportunity to address the signs of a concern at an early stage. The earliest you seek treatment for your pet, the lower the risk to his or her health from poisoning or snake bites.

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Treating an injury from a snake or a venomous animal differs from traditional concerns because it may cause a rapid spread of poison in a pet’s system. By seeking immediate treatment, you help your pet recover and lower the risk of severe measures. To learn more about treating poison or snake bites, call us at (336) 288-2688 today.

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