Olivia enjoys working in the ICU at HTVEC. She loves caring for our most critical patients and has a passion for emergency medicine. Olivia keeps a watchful eye on hospitalized patients for subtle changes in status that could indicate that a change to their treatment plan is needed. She understands that early intervention greatly impacts successful patient outcomes. Olivia takes pride in being a lifeline for clients during stressful and unforeseen times, ensuring that she advocates for their needs as well as their pet’s needs. She educates clients on how to best prevent future ER visits. Outside of work, Olivia enjoys hiking, swimming and horseback riding. She also knows her stuff around horses and is active in both the rodeo and barrel racing circuits. She graduated from NC A&T with her bachelors in laboratory animal science and a minor in animal science. Olivia is a member of the association of pre-vet students at NC A&T as well; she will be applying for veterinary school in the near future. She shares her home with four horses named Spirit, Jack, Salem and Ebony and a German Shepherd named Tebow.