Dr. Gebhardt

Dr. Kelley Gebhardt graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. While in veterinary school, Dr. Gebhardt worked with cardiologists in researching feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, one of the most common heart conditions of young, male cats. Because of her interest in emergency medicine and alleviating pain in pets, she devoted extra time during veterinary school to studying with emergency/critical care specialists and pain management specialists at the NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Since graduation, Dr. Gebhardt has worked in both general practice and in emergency medicine. Her passion for emergency medicine inspired her and her family to open the Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Clinic in February 2008. Dr. Gebhardt is happily married to her husband, Lee Allen (Director of Operations of HTVEC). In their limited spare time, Dr. Gebhardt and Lee enjoy spending time with their pets, hiking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, kayaking, and spending time outdoors. Dr. Gebhardt and Lee share their home with their five furry children – two dogs (Wyatt & Josie Earp) and three cats (TJ Sexy Meow Meow, Nimbus, and Uno).