Last Minute Veterinary Approved Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

dog and cat sitting in front of present with Christmas tree behind them

There’s still time to give your pet the perfect gift!

It can be hard to think of new, safe and entertaining gifts to get your favorite dog or cat. There are only so many squeaky toys, dog sweaters, and catnip treats that you can own. So, we want to provide you with a curated list of veterinary professional approved gifts that your pet will love.



Paw Friction Custom Fitted Paw Pads For Dogs 2

Pawfriction is a paw pad coating system designed to improve quality of life for senior dogs and dogs with orthopedic or neurological conditions. Pawfriction is easy-to-apply, custom-fitted to your dog’s paw pads, and prevents slipping and sliding on smooth floors by adding traction and stability.

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Nina Ottosson Interactive Food Puzzles

Nina Ottosson Tornado Puzzle

This line of canine puzzles designed by Nina Ottosson and produced by Outward Hound are available at all major pet retailers. What we love about this line is that there are puzzles for all breeds and sizes of dog and feature varying mechanisms and levels of difficulty. These puzzles are designed in colors that are most visible to the canine eye and are a breeze to clean!

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Senses Toys by Catit

Senses Wave Circuit Mix And Match Cat Toy

This modular system provides a fun and enriching experience for cats. The interchangeable, modifiable add-on structure is the ultimate kitty haven to engage a cat’s interest and encourage interaction by incorporating design elements that invigorate the cat’s senses and meet key feline needs. The system’s mix-and-match capabilities keep your cat’s interest keen and invigorates their day-to-day life with a variety of modules that include flexible design toys to encourage predatory play, multilevel food puzzles, a fresh flowing flower design fountain, a wellness station for kitty massage and relaxation, scratching posts, and a fresh cat grass garden.

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Pet Tunes Canine & Feline Edition by Pet Acoustics

Pet Tunes Music Box

These tiny speakers come pre-loaded with frequency modified music and are clinically proven to reduce stress. The sound quality is excellent. The music is so relaxing that even humans enjoy listening to them. If you’re feeling festive they even have a holiday edition available.

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Load the iDig with toys or treats and watch your dog dig for buried treasure. The iDig has a variety of flap designs that provide varied levels of digging difficulty. The iDig can provide hours of physical and mental enrichment and is a positive outlet for your dog’s innate desire to dig. There’s even a home version and a travel version!

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Sleepypod Pet Products

Sleepy Pod Cat Carrier

You can’t go wrong with Sleepypod! From their crash tested safety harnesses for your dog to their flagship Sleepypod cat carrier that allows your cat to travel safely in the comfort of their own bed, to their amazing easy to clean travel bowls- there’s something for everyone!

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Assisi LOOP

Assisi Loop

While this product is used in many veterinary offices, it doesn’t require a prescription. For animals experiencing pain or inflammation, the Assisi LOOP products emit an electromagnetic (tPEMF) signal that stimulates the animal’s own natural anti-inflammatory process while speeding the healing of bones and soft tissues.

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CatsEssentials’ Cat Sleeping Bag

Cat Sleeping Bag

 If your cat is like most cats, they love to sleep tucked into something. This product combines a cat cave, a pad and a sleeping bag into one cozy situation. It’s also portable and easy to use, ensuring your cat’s safety and comfort no matter where your travels take you.

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iFetch & iFetch Too


This award winning ball launcher puts a twist on the classic canine game of fetch. It’s a great interactive training aid and enrichment tool that keeps your dog guessing as it launches the ball to varied distances at random.

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LickiMat Wobble

Lickimat Wobble

Does your pet love a good smear of spray cheese or peanut butter on a lick mat but you just can’t get the fun to last more than a few seconds? If so, you should try the LickiMat Wobble. Unlike the typical flat mat, this durable, recyclable natural rubber lick mat bowl requires more effort from your pet to get the goods. While it may seem easy, don’t be fooled, even giving your pet a simple task like this taps into their natural instincts and provides an enriching experience.

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Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball

Butterfly Ball

Not only does it wobble like a typical weighted ball toy, inside your cat will find an ultra-realistic, motion-activated butterfly that flutters when the ball is swatted. Because of its self righting base, your cat bat away for hours without the ball toppling over.

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Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy this Holiday Season.

As with any purchase you make for your pet, be sure to follow directions and carefully read safety precautions. When purchasing a gift for your pet, keep in mind whether the product is appropriate for your pet’s age, health status, lifestyle, breed and activity level. What is an excellent product for a dog may not be useful for a cat; what fits a German Shepherd won’t fit a Chihuahua.

If you are ever concerned about a product you have been using or are considering purchasing, reach out to your regular veterinarian for advice. Making sure your pet is happy and healthy is our top priority.

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