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Trauma care at our Greensboro after hours emergency vet center.

If you are like most Greensboro pet owners, you live in dread of the news that your pet has suffered a traumatic injury. Serious internal or external damage may pose a clear and present danger, especially if your pet is at risk of going into shock. To make matters worse, these life-threatening crises can occur any time of day or night. You can’t afford to wait for your regular vet clinic to open for business, so turn to Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Clinic. Our Greensboro after hours emergency vet center can provide immediate care to help take your pet out of danger.

The term “trauma” is used to describe any injury caused by violent external force. Examples include:

Shock – Shock is a serious complication that often accompanies trauma. The pet’s circulation, blood pressure, and many other functions rapidly decline, while breathing and pulse become rapid and/or weak. Shock can be fatal if not managed promptly.

Lacerations – Deep lacerations of the skin and underlying tissues may occur due to collision with cars, unfortunate encounters with barbed wire or fights with other animals. Uncontrolled bleeding can throw your pet into shock, while the open wound presents an easy entry for dangerous infections.

Degloving injuries – Degloving injuries, which typically involves the paws or tail, is the removal of significant patches of skin and underlying blood vessels. Like lacerations, degloving injuries can lead to shock, severe blood loss and infection.

Fractures – Falls, collision with cars, fights and other incidents may cause one or more bones to fracture. Fractures may be simple or comminuted (multi-piece) in nature, requiring surgical repair. A compound fracture, in which the bone protrudes from the skin, is also a significant infection risk.

Organ damage – Fights, falls, collision with cars and other incidents can cause your pet’s eyes, ears or internal organs to sustain damage. This type of injuries can cause massive internal bleeding, and the organs themselves may either stop functioning or operate at a drastically reduced level.

Foreign body injuries – Bullets, nails, knife blades and other foreign objects can pierce an animal’s body to create a traumatic injury. In addition to the bleeding and other damage these injuries create, the object itself be become lodged in your pet’s body.

Emergency pet surgery and other trauma treatment.

After calling us for any first aid instructions, rush your injured pet to our Greensboro after hours emergency vet center. We can perform emergency pet surgery to pin fractures together, repair internal organs and damaged joints, suture lacerations, prescribe effective wound care for degloving injuries, stop bleeding and counteract shock. In extreme cases, amputation can be performed on a limb too far gone to save.

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