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Sadie Mae was treated by your wonderful staff. I brought her in @ 9 pm and was seen right away. She needed to have IV fluids and constant monitoring. The staff kept me informed. Jasmine was a rock star as well as Dr. Barnes. We picked her up the next day and she is back to normal or as normal as a white lab can be. The staff was great and better yet the cost was very reasonable. Thank you!

Roy B.

Our 20 lbs Jack Russell Terrier Scout was back for another visit to Happy Tails after taking on a 3 ft Copperhead. He was bitten on top of his head and he started to swell up almost immediately. We rushed him to Happy Tails. They put him on an IV and did blood tests and decided he didn’t need anti venom. We took him home that night and he was much better in the morning. Thanks Happy Tails for taking care of Scout!

Scout M.

I would like to say thank you for all the staffs’ compassion during our time there on 7/17/22; when our Sadie (Cavalier King Charles) passed over Rainbow Bridge. The way the staff members handle everything was so caring and made us feel like we were family. The privacy and kind words were so sweet; I wished we had brought her there the week before when she was sick; perhaps the outcome would have been better; unfortunately, we took her more local; where they treated us like just another number or a $ sign; sadly they only made her worse in my opinion. I have recommended Happy Tails to others if they need emergency care. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST Thank you so much again

Glenna & Bret R.

The compassion the staff at Happy Tails showed to my little Corgi, George was unbelievable. She was an important part of our family and the sadness has been overwhelming. The care you all showed to both my sweet George and us will always be remembered.

Connie E.

So grateful for the kindness and compassionate care our beagle Opie Taylor received at Happy Tails. He was in severe pain from a broken leg on New Years Day and badly needed IV pain medication throughout the weekend. Many thanks to Dr. LaVine, Amy (vet tech); Nanette, and a few others for whom I didn‘t catch their names. I would definitely recommend!
Barbara L.

I took my baby Robbie to Happy Tails on Saturday because he was in a lot of pain and they were very thorough. They kept me informed on everything they were doing and ask for my consent before they moved on to the next step. Even though I had to make the dreaded decision to put him to sleep, they were very honest and caring. I would recommend Happy Tails to anyone. Thank you for everything you did and for being so caring to me and Robbie.
Jennifer J.

We cannot thank the clinical staff at Happy Tails. We were beyond worried about our Olive possibly being poisoned. They always took our calls for updates, made us feel comforted, honestly advised us on Olive’s care & helped us breathe during a scary time. When we picked Olive up, she was her spirited self & really attached to her clinical team giving them lots of wet kisses, wiggle butt excitement & tail wags. Olive is very particular about who she likes & seeing how much she loved on her caretakers assured us that she had been in excellent hands when we couldn’t be with her. Thank you Happy Tails. We & Olive are so very grateful! 🐾🐾
Amy M.

We were very please with the care we received after hours. Very friendly and caring staff. Thank you for all that you do!
Melissa W.

Logan started to get sick Monday evening we call Happy Tails and they were ready for us and Logan they give us peace of mind that they will take care of him, unfortunately, Logan did not get better and we decided was time for him to rest they took care of everything for us and Logan we are so thankful for this place, they are open after hours for emergencies.
Araminta L.

I had a distressing situation with my sick Maine Coon. He had been to his regular vet that afternoon. The diagnosis was grave and I was supposed to take him to the after-hours vet the office had called, but when I called them I was treated with this “we are too busy to bother with you tonight’ attitude and I was very upset because I was having to make grave decisions that were distressing and time was of the essence. I was so upset and I called Happy Tails to ask for advice and they were very patient and said they can be very busy at times, but they would certainly do everything they could. I drove down there and talked with them and explained the situation and showed the reports of the X-rays and examination notes. They agreed with my take on the situation that there was really no hope, he was not going to get better and they very patiently and compassionately respected my decision to let him go. To reassure me that I was doing the right thing, even though it was incredibly painful. I was promptly treated and it was with compassion and concern. Thank you all so much for helping me during a very difficult time.
Charla E.

Your team took my little Dog Rocky in on 8/10/20. He passed away from his heart murmur and my Mother and I were bereft. The respect and care you gave all of us was extraordinary. The way you cleared the waiting room for us due to the Covid Virus was such an honorable way for us to spend his last moments together. Having the bench outside was a huge blessing for us as we were to upset to drive. Mom and I sat beside each other for about 20 minutes as we felt the impact of his loss. You could never know how much we appreciate every action you took.

Thank you for making us all feel so special and for honoring those moments.

Katherine T.

I wanted to thank everyone there on Thursday, my dog was very sick, I knew it was time, but I needed vindication and guidance. I feel that I received both, he was in a lot of pain and having seizures. The staff, including the doctor were very kind and made Vince comfortable to the end. Thank you
Margel G.

We really appreciate the care they showed our precious baby Buddy when we visited you. We received your card it was a blessing in our time of grief thank you!
Sharon B.

I decided to take Alistair to Happy Tails on a Sunday morning when his foot was really swollen and bleeding. From the moment we walked in everyone who worked there was wonderful! It felt like I had walked into a pet sanctuary/haven. The staff is incredible, and the vet was great. But I was just as impressed with all the other pet owners, who were kind and caring for each other, it felt like family. I would definitely recommend Happy Tails to anyone in need of an emergency vet. I really appreciate the care my dog received at Happy Tails. Thank You

Russell J.

We had just relocated to NC within two weeks of our move our “ Rocco “ started having seizures on a Friday night. We hadn’t had time to find a vet in the area. Off to Happy Tails we went. We ended up having multiple visits that weekend. The staff was so kind and caring. It’s a great feeling to know that they are open for night and weekend emergencies. Our dogs always seem to need attention after hours! Thanks for all you do.
Liz B.

You guys were amazing! The doctors and nurses were amazing, they actually genuinely care for our skippy, I feel they went above and beyond their job and our expectations. There were no wait times; we came yesterday in the middle of the night. We thought it would be slammed due to the fact it was Saturday!

My puppy skip was playing and jumping around, and he ended up falling on his tail. We thought his tail was broken but actually had a hematoma on it. You guys took the best care of him and us by walking us through the entire process and ensuring that everything was going to be okay. We are greatly appreciative of all the TLC we were giving. Hopefully, we don’t have any emergency anytime soon but if so I know that you guys are only a call away! We would highly recommend everyone coming here if they have a medical emergency.

Alexis O.

The entire staff was fantastic to Camo and our family. They welcomed my calls all night long during his stay and were very receptive to the decisions we thought were best for him and our family! Thank you for everything, you’ll never know how much we appreciate you! ❤️

Just wanted to let everyone know that the people here are so great. I’m visiting from Ohio and my dog got hurt by another dog and was treated very quickly and nicely by the staff at Happy Tails. I highly recommend them for all of your pets emergency needs.

I am the President and Founder of The Merit Pit Bull Foundation. One of my personal dogs was critically injured while I was 4 hours away. I had her rushed to Happy Tails to stabilize her in order to save her life. Every hour was touch and go. They stabilized her after 40 hours of constant monitoring and are solely responsible for saving her life. I would recommend them to ANYONE as there staff is incredible!!! Dr. Gebhart and Dr. Toombs are as good as it gets!!!!! The vet techs on staff are capable and willing to fully monitor your baby at the most dire of situations. Trust me…you will be in good hands!!!!

We’ve had accidents and illnesses that have brought us to Happy Tails numerous times. The staff is compassionate, takes the time to explain the prognosis and the rates are competitive. They always check back up on us and the animals we’ve entrusted in their care. Happy Tails is a great resource within our community.

Twice in this past year we have had to take our little lady (chihuahua) Luna to Happy Tails. No one wants to take their pet to the emergency vet, especially when the extra cost associated is in your mind and anticipated. However, the costs of services rendered are actually the same if not lower than other vets in the area for the type of services our dog needed. Even better, is that the staff is very accommodating and attentive to not only what your pet needs medically, but just seems to genuinely care. You know what I mean. Sometimes you just get service with a fake smile and the staffs’ attitudes seem lukewarm and dull; You can just sense it. I have not experienced this at Happy Tails. They always give a call the day after the visit to see how your pet is doing. Overall, I have been very pleased with the services and care my dog received from Happy Tails. Dr. Gebhardt treated our dog both visits.

You guys did great! It was a very sad time for us our Prince has been with us for 12 long years. Happy Tails had compassion from the first phone call throughout the time we were there. We are releived that our family member was in such good care doing his last minutes if his life. And the card that was send to us with the poem and his paw print was so amazing. We know now that our family member Prince is truly at peace. Thank you to ALL of the staff. 🙏🏽

Michael & Denise H.

Our Jack Russell named Scout was out for a walk beside our neighborhood lake last Saturday and stepped on a large fishing lure with three hooks. One went into his paw, another lodged in his front lip, and another grabbed into his neck. In trying to help him one of the treble hooks stuck into me as well. There was no way that I was going to be able to untangle this so I picked up Scout and kept him calm while we headed to Happy Tails. Dr. Gebhardt and her wonderful staff did a terrific job in removing the hooks without leaving a mark on him. The next day he was back to normal like nothing had ever happened. Thank you for being there and helping us untangle a very scary incident.
Alan M.

My 1st experience with Happy Tails was when I moved my brother’s 13 year old Shepherd to NC. He had the best last ride from NJ to NC 24 hours later, things were grave. Zuese was was my brother’s son. As hard as it was, he made that final decision. The entire staff was not only extremely accommodating of our request to say goodbye together during covid but so understanding. They truly made it bearable for all 3 of us. 3 months later my furbaby, Hazel, decided to eat a toad. Off to Happy Tails we went. They not only reassured us, but saved our baby. Happy Tails staff will always hold a place in my heart. Thank you so much for your love and support of all our furbabies.

Zuese & Hazel

Jennifer D.

I am extremely happy with the care that has been provided for my kitten while sick. The staff has been very friendly, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable when asked a question. The provider that took care of my baby is by far the best emergency vet I’ve ever been to. She was extremely patient and answered every question I had. She really took the time to explain everything about his diagnosis. I will definitely be returning if I have another emergency situation.
Amanda B.

It is a scary situation when you have a pet emergency but you helped put my mind at ease. The staff was thorough and treatment was prompt and went above and beyond with my cat’s treatment. From the follow-up to directions for his after care and his Certificate of Bravery, you guys are wonderful! My animals are my children so I cant thank you enough for the care my cat received.
Carrie H.

Kelso came to you sick dehydrated and with hemorrhagic diarrhea, vomiting and depressed. At 4 pounds, he was not his lion self. Not only did you provide exceptional care, your staff endured calls regarding his condition with such kindness that it was greatly reassuring to me. Thank you for his care, your kindness and for cuddling him as if he were yours.
Kelso T.

Our 6lb Dachshund had a reaction to several vaccines that were given her in the a.m. By 8:00 p.m. she started having serious allergic reactions so we drove her to the Happy Tails ER. They were very concerned, calming, and comforting from the moment we phoned them until we left the office. Our little Dachshund is once again a happy camper & doing well. It was the best pet emergency experience ever!! Highly recommend them to anyone in an alarming emergency situation with your pet. They are the greatest!! A+++

Deborah C.

You took in a badly injured bird at 10:30 pm. Your staff was warm and welcoming. I’m so glad you provide this community service!

Valerie C.

Unfortunately our sweet boy had passed by the time he got to you. But we were very much supported and allowed the time to grieve. The cremation and card were very thoughtful. I hope I don’t have to, but I would definitely use again. Highly recommend. Great staff.

Michele M.

We had a very traumatic night with our dog being hit by a car. The injuries were very grave. They gave us all our options and while they didn’t tell us what to do, they were helpful in our decision process. They were so caring and kind. We have 3 boys who were with us and it was very difficult. We felt very cared for and thankful even in the midst of heartache. Sweet staff, caring doctor.

Seriously- saved my Ellie May’s life! So thankful for the friendly and wonderful staff at Happy Tails. I have referred everyone I know to Happy Tails for any of their emergency needs. Ellie stayed with Happy Tails for 3 nights and they were so caring. It warmed my heart to come in to visit Ellie late one night and one of the vet techs was holding Ellie and snuggling her close. Ellie is only 5 lbs, and very very dependent. I really do thank Happy Tails for getting Ellie better and saving her life. Thank you!

If you ever have an animal emergency, go to Happy Tails! EVERY member of the Happy Tails family is excellent at their job. They are knowledgable, kind and compassionate. My old cat, Noel Lorraine, had several life-threatening medical conditions, and the Happy Tails team saved her twice! I believe they are the best emergency animal hospital within a 25-mild radius of Greensboro. Believe me… if your animal companion needs care, you will want Happy Tails to provide that care. Veterinarians and vet techs are top notch. The receptionists are friendly and efficient. Entire staff is kind and compassionate to their animal patients and their clients. All medical conditions, procedures and resultant charges are thoroughly explained.

Last week our German Shepherd Harley started acting very lethargic. She had not eaten in 1.5 days and was unable, or unwilling to go “potty”. She had an appointment the next day (Saturday) for her annual check up so initially, my wife and I decided that she was probably constipated and would wait till the next day. About 9:00pm she wasn’t looking any better and we decided to take her to Happy Tails. We had been there about a year ago and had a great experience then. Well, it was a good thing we took her. It turned out that she had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and if we had waited…..Well, I really don’t want to think about that. We were so impressed with Dr. Gebhardt and the staff there. They immediately put my wife and I at ease even though the diagnosis was troubling. We had to leave Harley in the hospital until Sunday night and even though we called every couple of hours, the staff never seemed put off by this at all. Everything was explained to us in such a way that we never questioned whether or not she was in good hands. It was a blessing that Dr. Gebhardt and the staff treated us as well as Harley. They knew how concerned we were and they were so kind to us. Here we are a week later and Harley is doing well; she has completely recovered and is back to her rambunctious self. The only way I could be more pleased is if Dr. Gebhardt and her staff had a private practice. We would definitely take Harley and our cat Taz to them for everything. Thank you so much for all you did for all of us and being so patient and understanding with Shelly and I.
Terry, Shelly and Harley

We took our cat to Happy Tails last night. I thought the entire staff did a great job. I thought the vet was extremely thorough with her diagnosis. They kept us informed throughout the night of the progress of our cat. They even arranged a referral to a specialist first thing the next am. They called us the next night to follow up on our cats situation. If i need an after hours vet again I will definitely go to Happy Tails!

Recently moved to the area. So comforted to know my chocolate lab, Ruthie, was in such professional and kind hands. Amazing customer service. Excellent staff.

Just wanted to say thank you for the exemplary care that you showed my mom and her sweet dog Dee dee last night!!!!! The care and compassion shown to my mother and dee dee during their dire time of need was above and beyond!!!!! I can not thank you enough!!!

I have a happy boy at home because of Happy Tails! My husband and I brought our cat Cecil in to Happy Tails over the weekend because he was having problems with his ears. It turns out Cecil’s condition was much worse than expected. In order to help him, they needed to put him to sleep to clean out his ears. We were very concerned because of an exisiting medical condition but everyone was very compassionate and took extra precautions to make sure he would be okay. He stayed overnight and when we brought him home, he was a brand new cat! We thank Happy Tails for taking such great care of our baby boy!

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