Pet Breathing Problems

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Breathing problems that impact your pet’s health raise concerns about their life and well-being. As a pet owner, you want to act quickly to keep your pet’s healthy and active at different stages of their life. By identifying breathing difficulties at an early stage, you can seek treatment and address the underlying problem before it causes complications.


The signs of dog’s breathing problems in Greensboro differs from the signs of a human, so you want to become familiar with the signs before it worsens and your pet cannot breathe at all. The first obvious sign excessive panting or breathing with the mouth open in an exaggerated way. Your pet may also breathe with his or her elbows sticking out from the body.

Noisy breathing or taking shallow and rapid breaths may also show signs of a potential problem with your pet’s ability to breathe easily. You want to seek immediate attention from an emergency veterinarian when you notice signs of a breathing problem.


The reasons dogs or cats may develop breathing difficulties ultimately depend on the situation. In some cases, the cause relates directly to choking on objects or clear reactions to something a pet swallowed. In that situation, you want to keep your pet calm and seek treatment to remove the foreign object from a pet’s throat.

Other causes of breathing difficulties include:

  • An allergy, which results in an allergic reaction

  • An asthma attack

  • Certain sicknesses

  • Physical trauma, which causes injuries leading to breathing problems

  • A fever

  • Certain types of infections, particularly in the lungs

  • Tumors and cancer growth

  • Pain from injuries

  • Abnormalities in a pet’s physical structure, particularly in breeds with a flat face

By identifying the allergy, asthma attack or other underlying causes of the problems, you can address the situation. A veterinarian at Happy Tails Emergency Veterinary Clinic evaluates the situation and recommends a treatment plan based on the needs of your pet.

Treating a problem with a pet’s ability to breathe with an emergency vet Greensboro professional starts with identifying the underlying reason for the situation. A veterinarian looks for foreign objects and similar risks before moving forward into other options. We evaluate your pet’s behavior and ensure that your pet is not having an allergic reaction or an asthma attack before moving forward with additional tests. We may run tests to check for infections, sicknesses or fevers. We also check your pet for injuries caused by an accident or traumatic situation. After ensuring that the cause does not stem from severe sicknesses or complications, we may check for structural abnormalities.

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