Common Pet Ailments

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At our Emergency Veterinarian in Greensboro, we see every type of medical problem. Just like pediatricians, our doctors have to be expert in all types of injuries and illnesses. While we’re ready for anything to come in our door, most of the animals we see suffer from the same group of ailments.

Whether you have a dog or a cat, it’s likely you may need to see an emergency veterinarian in Greensboro sometime during their life for at least one of these problems:

Pet Allergies

Dogs and cats can be allergic to the most common substances, from flea bites to over-the-counter flea medication to the things they eat. Some of the most common symptoms are itchy skin, swelling, and coughing. Some of the worst allergy cases can even bring on seizures or swollen airways.

Poisoning or Swallowing Foreign Objects

Pets don’t know enough to stay away from objects that may hurt them. Most of them will swallow anything they can get their paws on. Some substances, like antifreeze or large amounts of chocolate, can be fatal if not dealt with very quickly. On the other hand, if you’ve got a pet with a habit of eating Legos or coins, we may have to deal with getting those foreign objects out of your pet’s body before it does physical damage.

Dog Bites

Now that the weather is cooler and pet owners are out and about more often during the day, dog bites are bound to become more common again. We often see pet owners whose dog was bitten at a dog park, on the beach or just when out for a walk in the neighborhood. Any time your pet comes in contact with another dog, it’s possible for your pet to be bitten. Watch for signs of aggressiveness in other dogs, and remove your dog from the area if you see it happening.

Eye Problems

The most common symptoms we see with the eyes are swelling, discharge, redness, squinting and a closed eye. Eye problems are most often caused by allergic reactions or foreign objects damaging the eye, although these symptoms can be caused by disease, as well.


If your pet vomits once or twice, it could be for a number of reasons and you shouldn’t be overly concerned. On the other hand, if it continues throughout the day, vomiting should be looked at by a professional. We see a great many dogs and cats that are vomiting for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they ate something they shouldn’t, from road kill to house plants. Vomiting can also be caused by many diseases, both mild and severe. Prolonged vomiting can cause dehydration, another reason to bring in your pet if vomiting won’t stop on its own.

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