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Pet Allergies FAQs From Our Veterinarian in Greensboro

Just like humans, pets can suffer an allergic reaction to food or substances in the environment, such as pollen. Pet owners frequently have questions about pet allergies. Our veterinarian in Greensboro would like to answer your questions to make sure you are getting important information.pet allergies faq from our veterinarian in greensboro

Does Our Veterinarian in Greensboro treat animals suffering from allergic reactions?

Yes, our veterinarian in Greensboro has the skills, diagnostic tools, and expertise to diagnose and treat allergic reactions in animals.

What is an allergy?

An allergy is a state where the immune system overreacts to a harmless substance, known as an allergen.

What are the symptoms of a pet allergy?

Itching is the primary symptoms of a pet allergy. Localized itching may occur in one area, while generalized itching develops over the animal’s entire body. Red, irritated skin may occur.

Pet allergies sometimes affect the respiratory system to cause coughing, sneezing and wheezing. An allergic reaction may cause runny discharge from the cat or dog’s eyes or nose. Allergy symptoms can also affect the digestive tract to cause vomiting or diarrhea.

What types of allergies are there?

There are several types of allergies, including:

  • Food allergies
  • Insect bite allergies, like those caused by flea bites
  • Inhalant allergies, often from pollens, mold and dust mites
  • Contact allergies, such as those from lawn pesticides or synthetic materials used in carpeting

What allergens cause allergy symptoms?

A number of allergens can cause allergy symptoms in pets, including flea saliva, tree pollens, food allergies, molds, mildews, and house dust mites.

Are Greensboro pet allergies different from the allergies pets suffer elsewhere in the nation?

Greensboro pet allergies are generally the same allergies pets suffer elsewhere, but allergy season may be longer in the warm climate of North Carolina.

How do veterinarians diagnose allergies in pets?

Our veterinarian can diagnose allergies in your pets through a comprehensive evaluation that includes assessment of your pet’s symptoms, health history, and lifestyle. Since symptoms of the various types of allergies can overlap, our veterinarian may perform advanced allergy testing to determine the underlying cause of your pet’s condition.

What is the treatment for a dog or cat with allergies?

Treatment depends largely on the type of allergen that triggers the allergic reaction. Treatment for food allergies involves replacing your pet’s food, for example. Treatment for other types of allergies may include anti-inflammatory drugs to block the allergic reaction, shampoo therapy to treat the skin or desensitization therapy to help calm your pet’s immune system reaction.

Call Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Animal Hospital Today!

If you suspect your pet has allergies, or you need help managing your pet’s allergies, bring your four-legged friend to Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Animal Hospital. We are conveniently located at 2936 Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, NC, but we serve Greensboro, Kernersville, Reidsville, Burlington, High Point, and surrounding communities. We offer a free consultation for new patients. For more information, call (336) 288-2688.

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The entire staff was fantastic to Camo and our family. They welcomed my calls all night long during his stay and were very receptive to the decisions we thought were best for him and our family! Thank you for everything, you'll never know how much we appreciate you!

Whitney (Facebook Review) / Greensboro, NC

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