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Pet Allergy Treatment With Your Greensboro Veterinarian

Pet allergies are a common problem during the warm time of year, and pets who suffer from allergies can live in misery if special accommodations are not made. At Happy Tails Emergency Veterinary Clinic, your emergency veterinarian in Greensboro, we can help pet owners care for their pets by reducing severe allergy symptoms.

Cat being treated for pet allergies by greesnboro veterinarian

Symptoms of Severe Pet Allergies

Some of the common serious allergy symptoms to look for include:

  • Itchy skin - Your pet may scratch their skin continually until it becomes red, irritated and bloody. Your pet may even develop "hot spots," which are red, inflamed and moist areas where your pet has lost their fur.

  • Swelling - You may see swelling develop around parts of your pet's body that look like bumps. These areas are known as hives.

  • Coughing And Wheezing – This may indicate inflamed or swollen airways.

  • Red, Itchy, Swollen Eyes

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Seizing  

What You Can Do?

Seek immediate care at your pet’s emergency veterinarian in Greensboro

Pet allergic reactions can be just as dangerous as human allergic reactions and can result in death. The most severe allergic reactions seen on emergency are caused by insect bites, vaccines, and misused/ low-quality topical flea/tick medications. These severe allergic reactions can cause anaphylactic shock. In most cases, the pet’s airway begins swelling shut and difficulty breathing begins. In other instances, a pet can begin to haves seizures from the allergic reaction. In either case, seek immediate care at your pet’s emergency veterinarian in Greensboro.

Contact Your Emergency Veterinarian in Greensboro

At Happy Tails Veterinary Clinic, we help pet owners take care of their pets during the allergy season. If you suspect that your pet has severe allergy symptoms, bring them to your emergency veterinarian in Greensboro to get them checked out. Call us today!

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