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Dog Bites & Treatment in Greensboro

Caring for a dog requires the right expectations. When you walk a dog in a dog park during colder weather conditions or you try to socialize your dog with other pets, you may discover that certain animals are more aggressive towards your dog. Greensboro Dog Bites require immediate treatment from a veterinarian at the Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

dog in grass before seeing Greensboro Veterinarian for Dog Bite Treatment

Why Dogs Bite

The reasons a dog bites another dog depends on several factors. In some cases, a dog bites due to changes in the weather and environment. The sudden shift in weather or environmental factors may cause discomfort or anxiety in some dogs, which results in biting.

In other situations, a dog bite stems from aggression toward other dogs, pain from a sickness or even establishing the appropriate order for dominance in a pack. Regardless of the reasons a dog bites another dog, you need to seek treatment from an emergency veterinarian to limit potential risks and infections.

Treating Bite Wound

Bite wounds result in soft tissue damage and other injuries. In many cases, you want to seek treatment from a 24-hour emergency veterinarian in Greensboro to address potential risks and problems; however, you also need to take measures to prepare a pet for the trip before getting into a vehicle.

Use a clean towel, bandage or gauze to gently wrap the wound. Do not use any medications or anti-bacterial substances to clean out the wound. A 24-hour emergency vet uses different tools to clean out wounds when your pet enters our clinic. Depending on the dogs involved in the injury, a wound may result in bruising or cracks on the bones, so focus on getting a pet to our clinic as soon as the bite occurs.

When to Seek Treatment With Your Emergency Veterinarian in Greensboro

After a dog bite, always seek treatment from your emergency veterinarian in Greensboro. Since bites can result in infections, injuries to the bones or even the spread of certain diseases, pet owners should never ignore the injury.

Discuss treatment options with a veterinarian. If you have any concerns about sicknesses like rabies, then tell the 24-hour emergency vet about the reasons for your concerns. While bite wounds may not suggest severe sicknesses or problems, it can spread certain health concerns. In particular, pay attention to stray dogs when you see a fight or your dog gets bitten by a stray. Since the stray may have rabies or other sicknesses, a veterinarian needs to know about any concerns to provide appropriate treatments.

Bite wounds are always a concern when a pet gets into a fight. Even though it may not spread sicknesses in every situation, a pet owner should always bring a dog to our clinic after a fight or dog bite in Greensboro to avoid infections and check for problems with the bones. For more information about pet emergency care at the Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Clinic, call or contact us today at (336) 288-2688.

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