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Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Clinic

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Conditions Treated at Happy Tails Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Greensboro

Happy Tails Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Greensboro can address a broad range of life-threatening conditions. Either emergency veterinarian at our clinic, Dr. Henderson or Dr. Allgood, can evaluate your pet's situation quickly and accurately before providing effective treatment.

cat and dog with Greensboro veterinarian after treating conditions

Conditions Treated By Your Greensboro Veterinarian

We treat conditions such as:

Pet Allergies 

Pet allergies can take severe forms, including a life-threatening condition called anaphylaxis that can produce severe hives, breathing problems, shock, seizures, and loss of consciousness. We can administer medications to counteract these dangerous reactions.

Poison Ingestion

Pets can be poisoned by everything from antifreeze and insecticides to human foods such as garlic and chocolate. We can pump your pet's stomach, prescribe emetics or administer products that absorb and neutralize poisons.

Open Wounds

Lacerations, dog bites and other wounds can cause dangerous levels of bleeding, especially if an artery has been nicked or severed. We can stop the bleeding, seal open wounds, prescribe antibiotics for dog bites and administer transfusions if need be.

Heat Stroke/Hypothermia

Heat stroke is an all-too-common phenomenon in warmer weather characterized by staggering, reddened gums, panting, drooling, vomiting fainting, seizures, and possible organ failure. On the other end of the scale, hypothermia produces frostbite, shivering, and listlessness before progressing to coma and death. We can provide emergency care to help your pet cool off or warm up in time to save his life.

Foreign Object Ingestion/Choking

Toys, tinsel and other objects can easily get stuck in an animal's throat, potentially choking him to death. We can safely fish that object out of your pet's airway or even remove an ingested object surgically if necessary.

Internal Blockages

Your emergency veterinarian can treat internal blockages such as a twisted digestive system (gastric dilatation volvulus, also known as bloat), bladder or kidney stones. These conditions can threaten your pet's life if not corrected right away.

Difficult labor (dystocia)

If your pet is taking an unusually long time or experiencing other obvious difficulties while giving birth, she may require emergency assistance to save both her and her young ones. 


A seizure in a pet that last more than five minutes is a medical emergency called status epilepticus that can actually lead to death. We can use anticonvulsant drugs to interrupt these potentially deadly attacks.


Snakebites require immediate professional care. We can provide antivenin, antihistamines, antibiotics and other medications to save your pet from venom and secondary infection.


Inability to walk correctly may be related to fractures, ruptured ligaments in the knee joint, serious foot injury, a broken hip or some other crisis. Orthopedic surgery can repair many of these issues.

Contact Your Trusted Emergency Vet For Greensboro and Kernersville

Whatever condition your pet may experience, it's great to know you can get the necessary care from the emergency vet Greensboro and Kernersville trust. Come to Happy Tails Emergency Veterinary Clinic whenever trouble strikes so we can help your beloved friend! Call us today at (336) 288-2688 to learn about how we can help!

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The entire staff was fantastic to Camo and our family. They welcomed my calls all night long during his stay and were very receptive to the decisions we thought were best for him and our family! Thank you for everything, you'll never know how much we appreciate you!

Whitney (Facebook Review) / Greensboro, NC

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